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A Patient-Centered Pharmacy with Same Day Delivery, Free Antibiotics, and Generic Drug Discounts in Sebastian, FL.

Like the hordes of sunken gold resting off the shores of the Indian River, Sebastian shines as a hidden treasure of the Treasure Coast. A quaint fishing town, unchanged in many ways since it was founded a hundred and fifty years ago, Sebastian is home to stunning natural beauty and residents who exemplify its charm.
Sebastian, as a treasure, deserves to be revered, admired, respected, and treated as the unique gem it is. Palm Care Pharmacy is dedicated to treating Sebastian’s residents just so.

What are a few of the top services Palm Care Pharmacy offers Sebastian?

Same Day Delivery

What do you do when you need medicines to help you get well because you don’t feel well enough to venture out under your blankets? What about if your honey-do list is a million miles long, but picking up that prescription needed to happen yesterday? Palm Care Pharmacy has got you covered with same-day delivery.

Free Antibiotics

When you are suffering from an infection that is already wreaking havoc on your life, the last thing you need is for it to wreak havoc on your pocketbook to take care of the issue. Palm Care Pharmacy is here for you – our comprehensive list of free antibiotics will help you breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief.

Generic Drug Discounts

Speaking of savings in your pocketbook, there are costly medications that fall under the category of not antibiotics that could have you stressed – how do I afford them? However, many of these medications come in a generic format, which costs significantly less to produce. Palm Care pharmacy has a solution for that as well – generic discount drugs are a service that we offer proudly.

Same Day Med Sync

It’s common for people to have a variety of medications that they take regularly. It’s also common for people to have their prescriptions filled at various times, causing a significant inconvenience to their day-to-day routine. Palm Care Pharmacy is proud to offer our med sync program, which allows you to sync up your prescriptions to be available on the same date.

Medela Breast Bumps

When you’re expecting a child, you are often filled with joy – and some trepidation. Palm Care Pharmacy is thrilled to help! We offer Medela breast pumps at excellent rates to help you save in your wallet.

Proper Pill Packaging

When you were taking several pills per day, it can get frustrating dealing with bulky pillboxes. Luckily, Palm Care Pharmacy offers customizable pill packaging as a solution to this everyday problem.
The Space Coast, home to the beautiful and unique communities of Sebastian, Palm Bay, and Melbourne, deserve only the highest quality service in pharmaceutical needs – and Palm Care Pharmacy is proud to offer this and much more. We are committed to serving each customer based on their unique needs with a friendly attitude, the small-town feel, and stellar professionalism.


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