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Fantastic Free Antibiotics Service for Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Sebastian, FL

What is included in our free antibiotic services?

Prescriptions have become a hot topic throughout the country – especially in terms of cost. But, unfortunately, many vital medications to treat chronic or acute issues cost the American people much more than they can reasonably afford. It can be a vicious cycle – unless you have a hometown pharmacy like Palm Care Pharmacy that understands our community’s struggles and are here to help.

Why is Palm Care Pharmacy the right choice for getting your antibiotics?

Palm Care Pharmacy is committed to embracing the small town pharmacy feel and remembering to not allowing our customers to get lost in the corporate system. We are proud to show this ideal by:

  • Creating a culture of caring that extends outside our four walls and into our communities beyond.
  • Treating you, our valued customers, like family: showing respect, genuine concern, and empathy.
  • Providing uncommon service – service that is exemplary and outstanding.
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What do antibiotics do to help you?

When the infection isn’t going anywhere on its own, call in antibiotics.

When you have a bacterial infection of some sort, it can be a miserable experience. The unfortunate truth is, they are relatively easy to catch and can affect just about every single part of your body. Some infections are on the surface where they can easily be seen – and many not, seeming much more difficult to treat.
An antibiotic is a medication prescribed by your physician that helps rid your body of the bacteria wreaking havoc on it. Bacteria love to make a home of you and have a difficult time vacating of its own volition. Antibiotics give it the swift kick it needs to exit your body, leaving you healthier.

You have the following common infections.

Some infections are more common than others. These infections are often treated with a few different antibiotics that are well-rounded in the type of infections they can treat. The most common infections treated with antibiotics are ear, sinus, urinary tract, and pneumonia – along with a list of many more.


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What antibiotics are offered as part of your program?

Our free antibiotics:

While the list of antibiotics available on the market is extensive, Palm Care Pharmacy is proud to offer these most common ones for free, up to a 7-day supply, for all our customers:

  • Amoxicillin (capsules and suspension)
  • Bactrim/Septra DS tablets
  • Cephalexin capsules
  • Ciprofloxacin tablets (excluding XR formula)

We offer fantastic free antibiotics service and assistance in same-day delivery, generic-drug programs, & CBD products in the communities of Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Sebastian, FL.
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