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What is included in our immunization services?

With changes in how the world works after a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure you and your family stay safe and up to date with all of your immunizations. Palm Care Pharmacy understands our customers’ desire for a safe space to get all of their pharmaceutical needs met at once: immunizations, free antibiotics, and more.

Why plan for all your immunizations with Palm Care Pharmacy?

A culture of compassion is the cornerstone of our pharmacy. We showcased this by:

  • Creating an environment that exudes empathy.
  • Building on the idea that a neighborhood small business can do everything and more than a big box corporation can do.
  • Our communities and their needs are our number one priority.

Is it safe to get immunizations at a pharmacy?

They know their stuff.

We understand that receiving immunizations at your local pharmacy is a relatively new concept. We also know that it may make folks a little nervous about getting shots in this setting. However, we are excited to educate our customers, knowing that our pharmacists are incredibly knowledgeable in pharmaceuticals – therefore, they learn different immunizations and their effects.

Safety in training.

Pharmacists go through a massive amount of training to serve the needs of the patients with the variety of medications folks need. Palm Care Pharmacy has put our experts through even more training to specialize in providing safe and effective immunizations. Being the best mean having the best training and education.

What are a couple of benefits of getting vaccinated at Palm Care Pharmacy?

Walk-in is greater than appointments.

Today, more than ever, scheduling an appointment at your doctor’s office for any special care can be a bit of a chore – and routine maintenance even more so. Regular immunizations often result in a scheduling nightmare, pushing appointments to inconvenient times and dates, often far in the future. When you choose to have your immunizations administered at Palm Care Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to walk in, get all your medications, pharmaceutical products, and immunizations same-day.

One-stop plus lower cost equals easy peasy.

So, you are starting to feel safer receiving your immunizations at your favorite, friendly hometown pharmacy. However, it still may not be enough to convince you. How about the fact that our pricing on immunizations is lower than most competitors? Or the fact that you are already going to be here to pick up your prescriptions, Fido’s prescriptions, your CBD oils, and multiple other essential items? All in one service with us can’t be beat!
We offer ideal immunizations service and assistance in free antibiotics, same-day delivery, and generic drug discounts in the communities of Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Sebastian, FL.


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