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Magnificent Pharmacy Services Including Same Day Delivery, Free Antibiotics, and Generic Drug Discounts, in Melbourne, FL.

Being part of the acclaimed Space Coast, Melbourne and her surrounding areas have quite the (inter)stellar reputation to uphold. A city rich in culture, rife with historical sites like the Rossetter House and many tributes to the arts, we love calling it “home.”
Palm Care Pharmacy is proud to be of service to Melbourne and the Eau Gallie district. We are committed to serving every customer according to their unique needs, with an unbreakable sense of integrity and true understanding of our communities.

What are some of the best services Palm Care Pharmacy offers Melbourne?

Same Day Delivery

Often, what medicine you may need as a patient dictates whether you can go and pick it up. Palm Care Pharmacy is excited to offer same-day delivery during the week to our communities to bring you peace of mind.

Free Antibiotics

Palm Care Pharmacy understands that financial costs shouldn’t stand in the way between you and your health. So we offer a host of free antibiotics – regardless of medical insurance status – for our clients. Ask us for an up-to-date list of these medications.

Generic Drug Discounts

With a great deal of economic uncertainty today, our customers may need a little assistance to ensure they have access to the medicine that helps keep them healthy. Our generic drug program is a helpful solution to this concern. In addition, our list of available discount drugs is ever-evolving, so please ask!

Pet Medications

Fido isn’t left out in the doghouse here at Palm Care Pharmacy. We know our friends with fur are more than that – they are family. Providing all your medication needs isn’t enough for us: we look to give you a one-stop-shop experience. Feel free to fill your pet’s medication prescriptions right here.

Custom Medication Solutions

Not every prescription is one size fits all. Our children, pet, seniors, and other communities may require their medicines to be compounded a little differently. Palm Care Pharmacy offers custom medication solutions that fit your family’s needs and goes above and beyond for your specific needs.

Medical Supply

Your health is often compromised due to injuries or other ailments that can’t be helped with medication alone. Medical supplies like walkers, circulation socks, and many more items are at your easy disposal here at Palm Care Pharmacy.
Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Sebastian are some of the loveliest and thriving communities in Florida – and it’s Palm Care Pharmacy’s distinct pleasure to serve them. We are dedicated to our core values: providing family-friendly service with a personal experience for each customer we care for.


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