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What is included in our compliance packaging services?

Palm Care Pharmacy takes our commitment to innovative pharmaceutical solutions seriously. Part of this pledge is finding solutions that make our patients’ lives easier and healthier. Compliance packaging – otherwise known as the pill or adherence packaging – is a huge step in this direction.

Making Palm Care Pharmacy your go-to for pill packaging is a good idea: why?

We live by ideals that we are proud of every day. Just a few of these are:

  • Our patients’ needs come first – always.
  • The communities we serve have built personal relationships with our brand, one built on mutual respect.
  • Our devotion to empathetic care and timely service will be honored with every interaction.

What is compliance packaging, or pill packaging?

All in one service.

If you are like many Americans, there are several medications that are daily for you. It can be tedious to spend a great deal of time, sorting them every week to put in a pill holder – or worse, opening bottle after bottle day after day. Having all your pills, all in one place, packaged by professionals who know your daily regiment is a service that is second to none.

Organization at its best.

Imagine being able to go into your medicine cabinet, looking at the plethora of bottles – and taking your hand and sweep them all into the trash, replacing them with convenient blister packs. These packages contain all your medications in one spot, keeping your organization game at its peak.

Why is compliance packaging a premium offering?

It saves space – and the planet.

Remember how we talked about sweeping all those plastic bottles in the trash? Think of your cabinet and all the space for makeup, face masks, your favorite soap, and more that will be saved with compliance packaging. Not to mention how you will be helping same the planet, one empty pill bottle at a time.

Makes taking routine medicine more routine.

We are guilty of it, too. You’re working and a thought strikes you – did you remember to take your morning medications? With compliance packaging, and your newfound strength in the organization, as a result, your routine medications will become easier and safer to take daily without worrying about taking too little – or too much.
We offer proper pill packaging service, as well as services in free antibiotics, same-day delivery, and generic drug discounts in the communities of Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Sebastian, FL.
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